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Island Lastovo

Hilly island located in the group of islands with most high peak Hum (415). At curly surface are karts platforms and sink holes. Drink water offer just platform Prgovo. Narrow coast belt is rocky, but the island is cover with vegetation. Villages Lastovo located at north and Uble at southwest are connect via route.

The chief occupations are agriculture, sea shipping, fishing and tourism. Around island Lastovo are lot of islands and cliffs. Small island Prerba connects with island Lastovo bridge. Between islands Presba and Lastovo leis bays Velo Jezero a Malo jezero (know also as Velji Lago a Mali Lago). Little islands Mrcara and Kopiste with broad bays on the northwest side are located on the west from island Prezba. Island Lastovo is connect with another islands and inland by ferry Uble – Vela Luka – Hvar – Split. The first information about island is as Greek colony Ledesta. Romans lived there at the end of third century BC and called it Augusta Insula. After Romans epoch owned island: Neretljans, Venezians, Croatian and Hungary kings, Dubrovnik, Austria and Italy. Island is located at the strategy position but island had never defences. Socialistic federation republic Jugoslavia prohibited access to foreigners.
Sight of LastovoSight of Lastovo
Town Lastovo